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with Justin Bell Guarini
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Do auditions stress you out, burn you out, make you feel out of control? Are you doing everything you can to achieve the career you envisioned for yourself?

I'm Justin Bell Guarini, you might know me from the first season of American Idol. I was the guy with the big hair who made it all the way to the finale. Or you might know me from one of the six Broadway shows I've had principal roles in. Maybe you saw Wicked, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, American Idiot or In Transit. Or you might've seen me pop up on your screen as lists the Diet Dr. Pepper Guy.

Well, now you can know me as the host of Auditions Secrets, my brand new podcast where I'm sitting down with my friends and colleagues, industry leaders, Broadway veterans, the greatest living theater makers to talk about the choices and challenges that have shaped their careers and the advice they've gotten along the way.

I want to demystify these legends of the stage and hear their stories; the ups, the downs, the Tony's, the flops, having these conversations and sharing them with you. My hope is that you'll find tools and tricks to apply in your career right away.

Like today! And on the days you feel defeated. I hope this podcast motivates you to get up, get out there and just get after it. No one said this was an easy industry. I think you know that already or else you wouldn't be here. And I know that better than most. But together we can alter our mindset and rethink our approach to auditioning, rehearsing, performing, and sustaining a good life in the theater.

Now, this show is not all about me talking to my shiny friends. It's about you. And if you have any ideas for the show, guests I should have, questions for those guests, or if you want to share your audition stories, whether they are horror stories, funny stories, or anything in between from your career, send an email or voice memo to justin@auditionsecrets.com. I read every email personally. Or you can record your message directly via this link.

Because at the end of the day, this podcast is a dialogue between us. It's a pipeline for meaningful advice for auditioning and performing directly from the shining stars to you.

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