The New Podcast With Behind The Scenes Audition Success Strategies Directly from the Stages, The Audition Rooms, & The Broadway Stars
Audition Secrets Podcast 
Coming Soon 
Have you ever walked out of an audition room and asked yourself:
"I could've done so much better, why was that so terrible?"
Me too, many times, more than I can remember. So I started searching for a new way to nail auditions and book more jobs. 

Now I'm bringing to you what I've learned, along with special insider tips from the stars themselves and your fellow hard-working actors.

Listen in as I reveal to you what it takes to stand out from the competition, avoid common mistakes, and unlock the next level of your career. ~ JBG
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Every Entrant Receives a "Sneak Peek" Digital Copy of My  Bestselling Book,  Audition Secrets Vol. 1
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"Must read for aspiring and experienced talent alike!"
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