The New Podcast With Behind The Scenes Audition Success Strategies Directly from the Stages, The Audition Rooms, & The Broadway Stars
"Audition Secrets" Is The New Podcast With Behind The Scenes Audition Success Strategies Directly from the Stages, The Audition Rooms, & The Broadway Stars
Have you ever walked out of an audition room and asked yourself:
"I could've done so much better, why was that so terrible?"
Me too, many times, more than I can remember. So I started searching for a new way to nail auditions and book more jobs. 

Now I'm bringing to you what I've learned, along with special insider tips from the stars themselves and your fellow hard-working actors.

Listen in as I reveal to you what it takes to stand out from the competition, avoid common mistakes, and unlock the next level of your career. ~ JBG
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Quick Hit: The Musical Virus 
5-time Tony nominated Director David Leveaux told me something that I have to share with you!!
Stop Acting & Start Playing 
Does the grind of auditioning and the general "business of show" sometimes make you question...
Stop Caring So Much
Learn How Caring Less In The Audition Room Gets You More
Michael Cerveris Does What Terrifies Him
Interview with Michael Cerveris
Ilana Levine Stays Curious
Interview with Ilana Levine
Rachel Wright Thinks You Should See A Therapist
Interview with Rachel Wright
Elizabeth Ho Is Letting It Go
Interview with Elizabeth Ho
Megan Michaels Wants You To Be True To Yourself
Interview with Megan Michaels
Robert Horn Has Faith in Himself
Interview with Robert Horn
Dayana Pereira and Colin Kirts Are High On Themselves
Interview with Dayana Pereira and Colin Kirts
Michaela Murphy is Making Herself Useful
Interview with Michaela Murphy
Robyn Goodman is Wondering Where You’ve Been
Interview with Robyn Goodman
Laura Bell Bundy Learns Something New Every Day
Interview with Laura Bell Bundy
James Snyder & The Chamber of Audition Secrets
Interview with James Snyder
Quick Hit: The Other Side of Failure
with Justin Bell Guarini
Laura Osnes Wants You To Feel Things
Interview with Laura Osnes
Patti LuPone is Having All the Fun
Interview with Patti LuPone
Welcome to Audition Secrets, the Podcast
with Justin Bell Guarini
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